Hi, it’s been a long while since I last visited my blog. I suppose this place has become a ghost town now, but I figured I should drop by and have a few words.

For people who are curious about what happened to my blog, I’ve lost my interest in making mod and real life has taken much of my time. Nowadays, I mostly enjoy playing RPG games (very time consuming, that genre) and make minor mods for personal use in certain games. There are chances that I would share some mods I have in the future, but it won’t be much and mostly for other games instead of GTA.

To clear up a few things: this blog, as all the mods and download links, will remain here as long as it could. Now you can edit, share my mods without my permission (just don’t mind the readme inside them…),  a credit would be nice though.

I also want to say thanks to those who have been support my mods, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t take care most requests people have been asking me, I guess doing favors for people was never meant to be easy. There are also some screenshots got deleted, sorry about that =/

That’s all I want to say, my mods aren’t much but I hope it will useful to your modding passion :)

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